Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Single Ball

  • $ 99.99

Players of any age or skill level and their coaches can have access to the science of motion analysis and unlock an entirely new world of understanding about their throwing motion and its components.

  • Get the latest in cutting-edge technology with the PitchTracker Smart Ball
  • PitchTracker captures throwing motion data in real-time and then sends it to a paired mobile device via Bluetooth
  • Interactive Dashboard to show your last session and metric averages and maximums on your primary pitches.
  • Analyze your throwing motion swing by using six different measurements that are then compared by skill set and age.*
  • Capture video of your motion and arm action to see how body movement affects key pitch metrics.*
  • Chart pitches during your bullpen. See and track your consistency of hitting locations with different pitches.
  • Set-up custom bullpens designed specifically for you or your players. Focus on improving metrics and command.*
  • View your complete pitch history and trends. See your past sessions as well as your upcoming bullpens.*
  • Connect and share throwing data with teammates and coaches*
  • Manage multiple players and teams through designated groups*
  • Free iOS app available for download through the iTunes App Store.
  • Shipment includes a PitchTracker ball, charger and charging rings.
  • All orders are shipped the following business day immediately upon which the order is placed. Please allow 2-4 business days for delivery of your PitchTracker product.
  • Get the most out of PitchTracker by utilizing the advanced tools and features only available to premium subscribers*
  • Learn more about becoming a Premium Pitcher*
  • Phone pictured not included

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